HDD Kabel Pro Macbook Pro15 HDD Kabel Pro Macbook Pro15 HDD Kabel Pro Macbook Pro15 HDD Kabel Pro Macbook Pro15

HDD Kabel Pro Macbook Pro15" A1260 A1226 A1150 A1211 PN 821-0513-

187.58 Kč

Značka: macdudu
Produkty Stav: Skladem
Typ: Dada Přenos Kabel
Číslo Modelu: A1226
Balíček: Ano
Původ: KN(Původu)

  • HDD Kabel Pro Macbook PRO 15" A1260 A1226 A1150 A1211 PN 821-0513-

    Pokud potřebujete větší množství a získat rychlou odpověď , prosím, přidat naše Skype ID: Macdudu168

    Pracuje pro : 15" Macbook pro A1260 A1226 A1150 A1211 821-0513-Stav: Použité,testovány před dodávkou

    Štítky: a1175 baterie macbook pro, A1260, magsafe2 kabel, baterie a1211 macbook, macbook air, magsaf 2, disk macbook 1708, imac 20, macbook mac pro magsafe kabel, mag safe 2.

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    • Nevazhnosonya

      It was an unpleasant experience. The quality of the train is zero. I connected the train to the hard disk, then clicked the connector to the motherboard-the connector remained in the socket on the board, and the train stayed on my finger. I fell off immediately. I was very upset. Opened a dispute. So the thing is, the administration rejected my claim by saying, that does not see any problems in this product. After I in the screenshots with a red pencil wrapped problem connector, only then saw the problem and resolved the dispute in my favor. I do not know, I do not want to blame anyone, but I want to get the goods of proper quality. For some reason, this train turned out to be expensive and that's such a crap came to me. I can not put a good evaluation to the seller.

    • Patrick Arick

      Shipping was slow due to COVID-19 but it arrived and I am happy

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